Want to be a Cowboy?

We’re excited to start our new season! Please complete the steps below to register.

1.) Complete our registration forms

2.) Parents: Waiver & Code of Conduct

     Parent Waiver and Code of Conduct agreement will be required.

3.) Wrestlers: Athlete Code of Conduct

     All athletes will be asked to fill out a code of conduct agreement.

4.) Payment Options

     We accept E-Transfer, Cash, or Cheque. Contact us to find out our Club Fees.

5.) Post Dated Volunteer Bond

     A one-time post dated check to be returned after volunteer hours are completed.

First Day Checklist

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us! In order to make your first day run smoothly, please review the things you need to bring with you:

  • Gym clothes – You’ll be working hard!
  • Clean indoor gym shoes or wrestling shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Mouth Guard
  • Lots of energy and a good attitude!

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Parent Volunteer Bond

*The parent Volunteer Bond is a one time post dated check that will be returned to you after you complete a certain amount of volunteer hours for the team. These hours include pitching in at our bottle drives, other fundraising projects, helping with web updates, miscellaneous administrative/organization projects to help the team, as well as the various jobs required to run our yearly tournament. Everyone has a talent that can benefit the team, and we would love to know and use yours! No job is too small!


Equipment & Other Costs

While wrestling is a relatively inexpensive sport, there are some costs that you should be aware of during the season, including:

Gym clothes 

Team Wear (optional)

Clean indoor gym shoes or wrestling shoes

Water bottle

Mouth guard


**Tournament Costs range from $10 – $20 per tournament, however, most of our tournaments are out of town (or province), so travel costs should be expected as part of your wrestling season costs.