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I wanted to take a quick moment to express the pride felt when I watched our season unfold before us. Our amazing group came together with the interests of young athletes at heart. The ATB Alberta Open was the pinnacle of this display as we hosted 600 athletes in which many are saying was the largest Alberta Open in History. Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Friends, and family all chipped in to top the season off with an achievement we should all be proud of. Our coaches are to be commended for their dedication and commitment. Their success can be measured by two standards. One, with the class and sportsmanship that was displayed by our athletes, all season long, and two, by our ability to compete at the highest levels within the province in all age groups. You are all the future of our program and Cochrane is very fortunate to have you all within our wrestling circle.

Our board members, committee members, and parents are amazing! This past season alone, we watched our program finally be approved for a Casino, attain our third wrestling mat, and have a fantastic website built! We competed all across Canada in all age groups, and certainly gave back to our wrestling community with our prolonged existence! Our numbers have swelled tremendously, and we are in great financial shape.

Facta non Verba Folks! We are not talking, we are doing! Thanks so much for an amazing season which is not even done yet!

Be well,

Coach Vern[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]


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